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A Perfect Way To Bring Your Story to life Your story only happens when you take the steps to tell it properly. What is PodCamp? PodCamp is here to help you discover if podcasting is right for you. PodCamp delivers insight into the inner workings of the podcast industry. PodCamp is the place you will find out if podcasting is right for you or your business. Each day you will receive an email guiding you through that day’s subject matter. You will also have access to our private Facebook group filled with people like you looking for a better way to tell their stories. In the Facebook group, we will hold a one-hour live session at the scheduled time to help you with the day’s subject matter. Each person will have the opportunity to ask questions they might have, coupled with the power of our group learning sessions, where questions get asked that you might not have considered before. You should walk away feeling like you matter! Why PodCamp? Why not PodCamp? Rest assured, we are dedicated to our cause. The learning curve associated with podcasting can be very troubling, and a friend in the industry is always good. Sometimes, the learning curve is enough to make a fantastic podcaster pack it in. Finding the right place to start your learning is essential if you want a better chance of success. We feel that everyone deserves an equal opportunity at something great. At PodCamp, you will be part of a movement to ensure people get that chance. Money is not the focus here at PodCamp; your success is! The best part is that the online virtual PodCamp is free! Get your name on the list for the first PodCamp 2023. Join us for a deep dive into the podcasting space. Learn the basics of podcasting along with why it will fit you. Each day for six days, you will receive an email to explore that day’s topics, along with many tips, tricks, and gifts to help you on your podcasting journey. The value you will receive from this free six-day deep dive into podcasting will let you know if and, more importantly, how podcasting can help you. We will help you with a 1-hour group-style Facebook live Q&A, where you will have an opportunity to ask your questions about each day’s subject matter with me hosting the Q&A Sessions. Don’t wait; get your name on the list for your podcast-building journey. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! image PodCamp is a robust six-day deep dive into finding your way through the podcasting space. Things that you will discover: What is a podcast, and why would I need one? Industry standards / Inside Apple Podcast Connect. Hosting and mobile APPs. Inside podcasting equipment / Saas Service Providers. Your podcast RSS Feed and why this is so important. Essential Website and SEO strategies. Podcast Cover Art / Using Canva Introductory podcast editing Audio and Video. Constructing a launch plan for the most effective impact from day one. Becoming a great podcast host/guest. S.O.P. – for an easy step-by-step flawless production plan. Social media and distributing your podcast to all of the major directories. AND SO MUCH MORE! https://podcamp.website/